We provide the systems, structure, and day-to-day support that helps CEOs and Founders manage themselves, their busy schedules, and their visionary companies that are changing the world. We believe that you will succeed if you don't give up, and that you deserve to be fully supported by a team who believes in your dreams as much as you do. We'll help you stay laser focused on running your business and help you rediscover your passion underneath all the overwhelm. Helping you thrive is our mission. 

We are a growing team of dedicated virtual rock stars who are committed to working alongside each of our clients to help them reach their goals.

about prestridge & Co.

Spending time setting up systems and processes is time well spent in our minds.

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about the team

We are a team of moms, wives, and travel lovers.

The Prestridge and Co. Team can be found in 5 different time zones, and 6 different states. We are constantly growing and expanding!

We’ve never seen a spreadsheet we didn’t fall in love with.

We will never turn down a chance to make a Starbucks run.

Grab your checklist, The Ultimate Guide to Leveraging VA Support, and start delegating like a pro right away!


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It’s because you have unique needs and challenges! For a VA to support you and your business, they have to be GREAT at what they do AND know how to adapt their style to your needs. A properly trained VA with an intuitive sense of how to adapt can make the difference between a relationship that thrives and one that adds more stress. Let’s get you acquainted with an intuitive, smart, professional VA today. 

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Ever wonder why it’s so hard to find good VA support?

There are 172+ Things a great executive va can do to support you.

Get Back To Doing Your Genius Work

Grab your checklist, The Ultimate Guide to Leveraging VA Support, and start delegating like a pro right away!

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