Prestridge & Co. has a growing group of dedicated, virtual workers who believe in the power of collaboration. We work as an interconnected team while partnering with our clients to provide high-touch, personal support that allows them to run their business with greater ease and joy.

Our Goal: Help online CEO’s leverage their time so they can focus on their genius work: growing revenue, serving clients, and being the visionary of their company.

We’re Hiring!
Want To Join The Prestridge & Co Team?

We hire frequently at Prestidge & Co. for a variety of roles, but to enjoy working with us, you need to have an “intrapreneur” mindset: the desire to grow your experience and use your skills, but inside our company as a member of our team.

There are many virtual workers who want the flexibility to work from anywhere and use their strengths, while not having the pressure of building a business (sales, marketing, etc.). And if that’s you, you’ll love working with us at Prestridge & Co.

Part of our team vibe celebrates the intersections of work, life, and family. Expect to have conversations with your virtual teammates that evolve into valuable relationships where we encourage and support one another. We invest in our team member’s growth and genuinely care about their happiness.  

Are We The Right Company For You?

Excited about serving clients while being part of our internal team

Able to talk with clients as needed, even if your role is largely “behind-the-scenes” 

Open to being trained and learning new programs and skills regularly

Extremely organized and obsessed with details and nuance

Willing to take ownership for your work and the results that are expected from it

To Work With Us Successfully You Should Be:

Great at following and executing on pre-designed systems

Forward thinking mindset (You’re always asking, “what happens next?” or “what else will we need to achieve this goal?”)

Initiative! We love people who jump in and solve problems, rather than waiting to be “told what to do”

Skills We Value:

You can’t show up consistently (There’s flexible, and then there is unreliable. We need to be able to count on you!)

You believe that deadlines should be “flexible”

You’re unwilling to actively participate on team calls

You don’t enjoy interacting with people via video

You Won’t Enjoy Working WIth Our Team If:

Executive Virtual Assistants (Client Interaction Required)

System Set-Up Pros (Client Interaction Required)

Virtual Assistants

Tech VAs (Largely behind the scenes, but great with tech platforms like Zapier, Leadpages, & Kajaibi)

Production Graphic Designers (You’re a Canva rockstar!)

Marketing & Content Curation Assistant (Writing is your jam!)

Marketing & Social Media Assistants (Details & deadlines make your heart sing!)

Positions We Hire For:

One More Thing: Because we are growing quickly, roles with greater responsibility and the need for client facing interaction frequently open. We love working with people who are open to cross-training and expanding their role within our team.

Still interested in joining our team?

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