172+ THINGS A GREAT EXECUTIVE Virtual Assistant CAN DO for YOU. 

Download the ultimate list of tasks to delegate to an Executive VA so you can grow your business by doing your genius work, focus on money-making activities, and experience proactive help while protecting your sanity!

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- Laura Kelly

Founder & CEO of TulaBooks | www.tulabooks.co

“Once I saw the potential of having systems in place and working with a dedicated EVA, so many opportunities opened up for me.”

- Eryn Morgan

Success Strategist | www.erynmorgan.com

“My VA was well versed in all the typical day-to-day things, but what really impressed me was the level of personal responsibility and ownership she took inside my business.”

- Morgan Specht

Creative Director | www.spechtand.co

“If I had hired Sadie and her team earlier, it would have saved me a lot of stress and allowed my business to reach all of those success milestones even earlier!”

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