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Organized. Efficient. Caring. Those are just a few of the words that describe our online team of savvy virtual pros.
Our collaborative, take-charge style helps us support CEOs and Founders as they grow companies and stay laser-focused on their genius work. 

I didn’t set out to build a virtual support agency. I started as a solopreneur, but in just 4 months I had a full roster of active clients and realized I wanted MORE. I was drowning in to-dos, stressed out, and in serious need of a nap, but I could see the possibilities that building an agency could have on my family and future.

And that’s when Prestridge & Co. was born. I hired my first team member out of necessity: my first maternity leave was fast approaching. And while the journey of building a rock solid team hasn’t been fast or easy, the joy of seeing relationships bloom between my clients and their executive VAs keeps me going through the challenges. 

As the owner of Prestridge & Co., I take YOUR business really seriously.

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Eryn Morgan | ErynMorgan.com
Kolbe Certified™ Business Consultant

Working with Prestridge & Co. was business (and life) changing! My VA created thoughtful systems that helped me stay organized, and gave gentle nudges that actually helped me get things done. Sadie and her team anticipated my needs and caught tiny details that made a huge difference. They helped me hold my boundaries and protected my time. 

My VA was well versed in all the typical day-to-day things, but what really impressed me was the level of personal responsibility and ownership she took inside my business. Nothing fell through the cracks. Nothing was “half-done.” I would enthusiastically recommend Prestridge & Co.!

Jen Lyker | inksplashdesigns.net

Sadie's team has been fantastic at anticipating issues, were super quick to get on board and understand my business. With their support I have been able to focus on money-generating activities, and developing new services (which my team Sadie EVA helped me map out and implement).

I have more time to deal with the Big Stuff in my business and feel less guilty when I take an afternoon off! Before working with Prestridge & Co. I always knew there were things I could/should be doing, but now I know my EVA is handling them.

Morgan Specht | spechtand.co/

Working with Prestridge & Co. has given me so much more time and space to focus on the parts of my business that I LOVE and that I am really good at instead of stressing about the things I don't enjoy, but "need to get done." Before working with Prestridge & Co. I was spending a ton of time and mental energy onboarding clients, chasing down payments, managing my calendar, and just generally doing things outside my zone of genius. 

Because I know I can count on my EVA to fully support me and my business, I've been able to take on a much greater volume of clients and essentially grow my business. 

 I can truly say that my business would not be where it is without the support of Sadie and her Rockstar team.

Ashley Burnside | healinghustleco

Working with Prestridge & Co. has given me the business support I needed to grow and be the CEO of my business. With Sadie's support I was able to streamline my business systems in ways I never thought about before and I've gone from  overwhelmed to a profitable CEO.

Having Sadie in my corner for support has been absolutely vital to my growth and success.



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Get Back To Doing Your Genius Work

Grab your checklist, The Ultimate Guide to Leveraging VA Support, and start delegating like a pro right away!

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