EMPOWERING CEOs to ditch overwhelm and grow profitable companies



EMPOWERING CEOs to ditch overwhelm and grow profitable companies

Grab your checklist, The Ultimate Guide to Leveraging VA Support, and start delegating like a pro right away!


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Organized. Efficient. Caring. Those are just a few of the words that describe our online team of savvy virtual pros. Our collaborative, take-charge style helps us support CEOs and Founders as they grow companies and stay laser-focused on their genius work. 

No matter your unique challenges, we can help you navigate and prioritize so your dream business becomes your daily reality.

I didn’t set out to build a virtual support agency. In 2018, I began as a solopreneur with a full roster of coaches and service providers who wanted true support growing their companies (some are still clients today!). Excellence and growth are hard to create alone, so I began bringing team members around me to help support clients. The team has continued to grow and evolve to become a true dream team. Without them, I could never have built a company that could change my family's future, while supporting YOUR big dream. 

As the CEO of Prestridge & Co. I am in charge of holding a strong clear vision for my company, and helping educate each VA we bring onto our team so they can support our clients and maintain our high standard of excellence. As our client, you’ll be supported by more than just one VA--you’ll have a whole team behind you that truly cares about your continued success

As the owner of Prestridge & Co., I take YOUR business really seriously.

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Rebekah Grmela - Right and Good | www.rightandgood.co

Before working with Sadie and Prestridge and Co. I was struggiling with scaling. I knew that my business could do more, but it felt impossible to do it all by myself and my systems weren't strong enough to sustain it.

I love working with Prestridge and Co. because I get the support of an entire team thinking about my business as well as the realiability of having someone who could step in should they ever need to.

Since starting working with Prestridge and Co. I've fully automated my processes and am able to actually spend time on my business vs being in the weeds all the time.

Lauren White - Indigo Life Media | www.Indigolifemedia.com

When I started working with the team I was struggiling with systems documentation and being unable to further exand our business as well as delegate some much needed work to others.

Haivng a second brain to problem solve with as well as creating systems and processes for each area of my business was a breath of fresh air. I was doing all the internal work myself and constantly felt frustrated.

When I was looking to hire a VA not one other team asked me about what systems I had in place for a VA to take on and this is why Prestridge and Co. stood out to me as the best choice. They spent a lot of time diving into what systems I needed in place to be successful in my business, but also with my EVA. I'm not very confident delegating work, and it's easy too!

Eryn Morgan | ErynMorgan.com
Kolbe Certified™ Business Consultant

Working with Prestridge & Co. was business (and life) changing! My VA created thoughtful systems that helped me stay organized, and gave gentle nudges that actually helped me get things done. Sadie and her team anticipated my needs and caught tiny details that made a huge difference. They helped me hold my boundaries and protected my time. 

My VA was well versed in all the typical day-to-day things, but what really impressed me was the level of personal responsibility and ownership she took inside my business. Nothing fell through the cracks. Nothing was “half-done.” I would enthusiastically recommend Prestridge & Co.!

Jennifer Lyker, Website Developer | inksplashdesigns.net

Before working with Sadie and her team, I wasn’t focusing on revenue-generating tasks because of the admin tasks that piled up. Now, I've been able to complete projects more efficiently and receive more income! I love having more free time because I don't have to switch gears to admin after the client work is done.

I love working with a VA agency because there's a back-up plan when life happens! When my VA went on maternity leave, I seamlessly transitioned to another VA instead of being on my own for 4-6 weeks. It was fabulous!

For anyone thinking about working with Sadie Prestridge and her team, do it yesterday! I waited TOO LONG to hire someone to help me. I know that her whole team has my back.

Ashley Burnside | healinghustleco

Working with Prestridge & Co. has given me the business support I needed to grow and be the CEO of my business. With Sadie's support I was able to streamline my business systems in ways I never thought about before and I've gone from  overwhelmed to a profitable CEO.

Having Sadie in my corner for support has been absolutely vital to my growth and success.

Laura Kelly, Founder & Virtual CFO | tulabooks.co

I would highly recommend Sadie and her team to any business owner looking to get some organization, systems and general executive support. I didn't know how much I was struggling until we started working together. Once I saw the potential of having systems in place and working with a dedicated EVA, so many opportunities opened up for me and I saw how much time I was wasting on manual systems and "busywork"

The amount of training that Sadie gives her team is phenomenal. All her team members are trained on all the systems that Sadie's clients use, so that if someone else needs to step into that client's work it can be done in a seamless way. You would not get that from an individual VA! Sadie and her team have all the knowledge across multiple disciplines, so if I have a problem in another area of my business, chances are someone on her team could help.

Morgan Specht, Creative Director | spechtand.co

Working with Prestridge & Co. has given me so much more time and space to focus on the parts of my business that I LOVE and that I am really good at instead of stressing about the things I don't enjoy, but "need to get done." Before working with Prestridge & Co. I was spending a ton of time and mental energy onboarding clients, chasing down payments, managing my calendar, and just generally doing things outside my zone of genius. 

Because I know I can count on my EVA to fully support me and my business, I've been able to take on a much greater volume of clients and essentially grow my business. 

 I can truly say that my business would not be where it is without the support of Sadie and her Rockstar team.

Cassie Brkich, Owner| brkichdesign.com

Prestridge and Co. knows just where to start and the exact steps to take. Even though we all have different businesses, the tools and organization are adaptable and there is an easy fix to the struggles any business is having! I love that I now have confidence with systems in place and the confidence of having a support team around me!

Leah Hadley - Great Lakes Divorce Financial Solutions, LLC | www.greatlakesdfs.com

Before working with Sadie and Prestridge and Co. I was struggling with keeping up with administrative and marketing tasks. Sadie's team helped me to set up processes that made training new team members much easier, and my business then grew significantly due to the support!

I loved working with the Prestridge and Co. Agency because it provided me with a whole team rather than relying on just one individual. It was significant that they could support a wide variety of client needs. Overall, Prestridge and Co. is a lovely group of individuals who care about the work they're doing.



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Grab your checklist, The Ultimate Guide to Leveraging VA Support, and start delegating like a pro right away!

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