5 Signs Your Systems Need An Overhaul

We talk a lot about systems and processes here at Prestridge & Co. because they’re the answer to ensuring everything runs smoothly in your business. If things are feeling clunky or like they could be running a bit more smoothly, you may be in need of a systems audit. Here are 5 signs you need a systems audit and refresh of your processes so you can make 2024 your best year yet!

Bottlenecks and Breakdowns

Bottlenecks are great…on bottles. But in a business, they’re a sign that things are getting gummed up. If you find yourself dreading getting a new client because then you have to write a whole new contract…it’s a sign that there’s a bottleneck. That’s just one example.

In general, if there’s a particular step that’s slowing things down or taking longer than it should, you’ve got an opportunity to find a more efficient way to do things. Usually, that way involves updating a workflow or system, so you may want to audit the whole conveyor belt to see all the stages that need to be addressed.

Frequent Errors and/or Inconsistent Actions

Mistakes happen. As they say, nobody’s perfect. However, with the right systems in place, you can get pretty damn close to perfection! When there are errors or mess-ups, it’s possible that there’s been a mistake in how your system was created or you’ve patched a solution together when there’s a more efficient option. You’ll know that when you audit your systems to see where there are any inconsistencies or redundancies.

Client Feedback or Complaints

No one likes a bad review, but if there’s something that clients always talk about in their testimonials, it’s a sign that you may need to A) implement a system to make that part go more smoothly or B) update the system so it’s a better client experience. Having a working system that’s actually helpful for them will reduce friction, improve your client retention rate, and make it more likely that they’ll refer to their business friends because of the great experience they had with you.

Outdated Processes and Technology

If you’re still using that free version of the program that you really need to pay for to get the full benefits of (that would be a gamechanger for your business) or you bought a program when you first started your business and never gave it a second thought, it’s possible that you need to objectively assess its usefulness. Migrating software isn’t the headache that you’re building it up to be (I say that with love!) and if it’s holding you back from doing things efficiently, you could be stifling your growth.

Lack of Scalability

We hear this from our clients a lot when they first come to us…they’re so stretched thin, they can’t grow their business because they’re doing all the work. Short of cloning (we can’t help you with that!), having a second set of eyes look over your systems and processes and recommend what could be improved, then actually doing those updates for you is a large part of what we do in a Systems setup. 

We have a team of EVAs and other support positions that have all been trained in our S3 Framework, so we know what to look for when auditing your systems. We also know the tools, software, and SOPs that can be optimized for your business so you can finally feel the relief of organized workflows…and come close to that cloning thing we mentioned! A Systems setup is a great place to start to make sure your business is primed for a profitable year. We have a few spots available to start right now, so schedule a discovery call so we can learn more about where you’re getting stuck and how we can help you audit your systems and create the best ones for you!

If you’re interested in working with an Executive Virtual Assistant to provide support, and you want to know what an EVA can do for you, click here to download The Ultimate Guide for Leveraging EVA Support or go here to learn more about working with us!

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