25+ Tasks To Delegate To Your Executive Virtual Assistant

One of the common questions I get is, “So what can an executive virtual assistant do for me?” While it’s a hard question to answer, because every EVA has her own strengths and weaknesses, the answer basically boils down to, “Well, what do you want to delegate?”

Delegating is a super-power. Not everyone is great at delegating – it even took me a while to learn how to do it properly and effectively for all involved (I know, it seems hard to believe). But if you aren’t delegating, there is no way in hell you’re doing all the things you have to do and doing them well.

One of the biggest problems I see when I step into the EVA role for my clients is that little things are falling through the cracks.

When you delegate, you’re basically doubling the amount of time you have during the day. You’re able to focus on your task and your EVA can focus on the other tasks that you really want to do, but haven’t yet gotten around to doing it. Oh, and the other things that crop up throughout the day, like client rescheduling requests.

Keep in mind that not all EVAs (or VAs) will do everything you’ve listed in your job description. I’d highly recommend following my strategy for hiring so you have the best chance at hiring an EVA that you adore and who can accomplish all the tasks you struggle fitting into your day.

With that being said, here’s a list of ways an executive virtual assistant can support you. This isn’t exclusive to EVAs and tech and other assistants could have different things on their list. Download this printable and keep it on your desk while you write the perfect job description for hiring your next executive virtual assistant!

Website + Outside Tasks
FB Group Engagement & Management
Social Media Management 
Lead Generation
Managing Email Lists
Scheduling Blog Posts, Social Media Posts, Email Newsletters, Etc
Updating Software Programs

Clients-Facing Tasks
Sending Client Gifts
Customer or Client Support
Managing Customer Experiences
Corresponding About Retreats, Calls, Packages, and other Questions
Membership Management 
Invoicing & Client Payments

Administrative + Internal Tasks
Email Management & Organization
Calendar & Scheduling Management
Retreat Support
Team Management 
Tracking Business Receipts
Subscription Management
Corresponding with Vendor’s Customer Support
Travel Planning
Sending Family Gifts
Organization & Streamlining Systems
Coordinating Between Guest Experts, Vendors, Etc
Internet Research
Systems Set Up & Maintenance (Dubsado, Acuity, Google Drive, Kajabi, Etc)
Personal Tasks
Managing Day-to-Day Operations
Creative Directing
Launch Support & Management
Organization & Setup of Back Office

While this list is by no means exhaustive, it should give you a great place to start. When you’re looking to delegate tasks to the appropriate assistant, think about the most pressing tasks you need help with. As you’re interviewing assistants, put the priority on those tasks and make sure they’ve experienced and can handle them.

Did seeing all of the tasks an EVA can support you with get the wheels turning for you? Let’s chat to see if we’d be a good fit to work together!

Schedule a call and start delegating that to-do list!

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