3 Mistakes to Avoid when Hiring an Executive Virtual Assistant

At Prestridge & Co, we walk our talk when it comes to finding and accepting support. My team and I hire support all over. When I look back now at the various times when these roles have succeeded on my team or not, one thing is very clear: my mindset when hiring.

Some of the most important steps in hiring onto your team happen internally, and before you even start writing that job description out. 

There was a time when I hired someone to create social media graphics for me. The problem was, I really needed someone to help me put together a comprehensive brand. Not really knowing this, I asked around for a good graphics person (because, remember, I thought I just needed pictures for Instagram) and hired someone I liked. 

Now, through absolutely no fault of her own, it was a bad hire on my part. I’m taking the blame here because I jumped at the wrong time and wasn’t prepared to hire someone for graphics when I was confused on what my entire brand even was! I wasn’t clear on what I needed, so it was a doomed job from the beginning.

Hiring is a big deal and there are mistakes you could make (big ones) that could trip you up or cause clients to leave. All because of a bad hire. Now, don’t start panicking! Because I have been through it ALL when it comes to hiring support. From being hired, to onboarding countless new Virtual Assistant rockstars onto my team. So before you begin the process, here are the most valuable mistakes that I’ve made- so that you don’t have to.

Hiring Mindset Mistake #1: Not Getting Clear on What You Need

If you’re hiring without really knowing who you’re looking for, how do you know if you’ve found someone who can truly help you?

For a new hire to work, you need to be clear on both the job you’re hiring for and the type of  person you want to support you. I always begin with a clear and complete job description of needs, wants, and a “This is my dream…” summary. 

So, when hiring on a new Executive Virtual Assistant, your first step is to pull up a sparkly, new Google Doc and do this:

  • Write down everything you do.
  • Categorize it based on things that are your ‘genius work’, what you like to do, what you don’t like to do, and what you want to get rid of.
  • Take everything BUT your genius work and put it in your job description.

Now, write down the kind of person you want to have as your partner in crime. What qualities do they have? Are you the same type of weird as you? Do you have similar Enneagrams? Get as detailed as you want! 

Remember, your EVA is your right-hand person. You’re going to spend a lot of time together, so make sure your energies match! Writing this down is more than a job description, it’s a mindset exercise. You now understand what you are trying to attract and odds are, you’ll find that person!

When you work with us, having that list in mind is very helpful because we’ll be able to match you with the right person quickly, to satisfy what you need and want in a support assistant!

Hiring Mindset Mistake #2: Not Trusting Your New Hire to Do Their Genius Work

I get it, a lot of people are afraid to hire because that person “won’t do it like I can do it.” But micromanaging is not going to build the rapport and trust you need for this relationship to last.  This is harder for some, but it’s vital to at least try and let them do the job you both agreed they can do!

Once hired, accept the support. You’ve interviewed your new Executive Virtual Assistant, so you know they’re capable of streamlining systems, creating new workflows, and actually doing their genius work so you can continue to do yours. If you question everything, or are closed off to new suggestions, you’re going to block the flow of letting your business grow with the new support of your EVA.

Does this mean you go radio silent on your lovely new hire? No. Not at all, in fact I think this is where Mistake #1 comes into play. If you’ve done your mindset work on knowing exactly what you need from that person, it will be easier to direct and communicate that to them. 

With the designer I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t sure what to ask her to do, so I got something disjointed and not representative of me. Again, that isn’t on her. I didn’t tell her what I really needed. Similarly, tell your EVA what you really need in your business, then trust them and communicate with them for the result to be amazing!

Real talk: you’re hiring an EVA because you can’t get your own systems in place or you need more time in your day to do your work. You’re delegating for a reason. So freakin’ delegate!

Hiring Mindset Mistake #3: Not Being Willing to Give Up “Control” and Micromanaging

This is actually about not trusting that anyone else would have your best interest at heart and be able to potentially do an even better job than you could! And it’s a huge block to your success with an EVA or anyone else you hire. 

I know, no one cares for your baby like you do… except a good Executive Virtual Assistant! That’s why I’m an Executive Assistant and grew Prestridge & Co to be a white-glove team of highly-trained executive support assistants. The people I work with meet very high standards and are totally trustworthy to execute the job like you’d do it. We firmly value teamwork and collaboration. So when you hire an EVA through us, we promise that we’ll be in it with you and truly do care about your business like you do!

This is the hardest part for many people, but girlfriend, you need to give up some of the control. That’s why you’re scrambling for time to do everything and still cleaning up the mess your last hire made.


Prestridge & Co wants to see you level-up your business game and confidently step into the CEO seat like the focused, dedicated leader you are. If you are ready to take action, then book a call with me! I would love to look at your business with you from a bird’s eye view and guide you to the support you need! 

From someone who has been there and back again, I am here to answer all of your hiring questions. You’ve got a friend in the game here, let’s chat! 

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